Travelling abroad is the dream of most of the people and therefore people look for the services of astrologers so as to know whether there are chances of foreign travel or videsh yog in their horoscope. Nowadays, most of the people look for videsh yog in their horoscope that was not considered good in older times as staying with family was highly preferred at that time.

But nowadays, situations have changed and now people having videsh yog in their horoscope consider themselves to be fortunate.

The position of one or more planets in specific houses specifies foreign yoga for the person. If in 12th house of native, one or more planets are situated then videsh yog is there in his horoscope. The major houses in horoscope responsible for foreign travel are the seventh, ninth and twelfth and chief planets for travel are those residing in these planets. Videsh yog is generated if these planets are related to each other in any way.

Chances of moving continuously are there in case bulks of these planets are in dual or movable signs. One can take advice from learned astrologers who can analyze the horoscope and predict whether chances of foreign travel or videsh yog is there for the person.

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