Saturn or Sani is the planet of fortune making, but it’s also well known for life restrictions/limitations and creating major obstacles in your fortune. Now it’s going to change the position from Sagittarius (Dhanus) to Capricorn (Makara) on coming 24th January 2020. This might give you success and remove major issues from your path and may ease your way to achieving the goals for your fortune in the year 2020. Call to know about your Saturn Transit Report.

Why is this Saturn Transit important for all?

In an astrological way, Shani is the planet of restrictions and justice and it will remain in this new zodiac sign for a period of 2.5 years (24th Jan 2020- 29th April 2022). Hence it is so important for you to know ‘how and to what extent this change would affect your life and fortune.

Shani in Makara. Is it favorable?

Makara or Capricorn is Shani’s own house. So, this astrological change can bring some more favorable results for your business and career. This Saturn transit report gives you predictions, studying the change with respect to the planetary positions in your birth chart.

How does this Saturn report help?

This Shani report gives you major predictions on various aspects of your life – career, marriage, wealth, business, love relationship, etc. You can know about the more possible changes, developments, growth and restrictions that would come into play during the next 3 years in your life.

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