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We offer a range of consultations, which are based on your needs. It is best to read all the different types of consultations that we offer before making an order. Sometimes your needs will guide you to the type of consultation which is best suited for you and fits the amount of information or guidance you prefer. We offer a range of answers from quick to the point guidance to elaborate and detailed guidance – it all depends on what your preference is. Here is the list of consultations you can choose from and Dr. Hemant Bhardwaj Astrologer will provide you with advice, guidance and, or remedies:
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Want guidance for removing all troubles from your life? Dr. Hemant Bhardwaj astrological counseling and his modern approach ease out your troubling situations

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No matter in your world, Hemant Bhardwaj offers the great opportunity for you to get the growth & success in personal and professional life from the comfort of your home


Your palm lines saying everything about you ? Dr. Hemant Bhardwaj can guide you towards your life’s purpose and path to achieve your Destiny and Future.


Dr. Hemant Bhardwaj one of best who helps and guides to heal the emotional energy body of their spiritual beings to manifest physical healing even techniques.

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Every precious stone has the ability to change your life path for success. Dr. Bhardwaj advice can change the direction for your success with recommendation.

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Spiritual Coach

Universe is full of treasure with multi dimensional energy surrounding us to uplift. He cracked the code to transform and grow spiritually in the perfect way.

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