Mangal Puja

Mangal Puja

Puja Name: Mangal Puja, Puja Purpose: Blessing Of Lord Mangal, Duration of Puja: 10-12 Hours with 3 Pandits, Ideal days for worshipping: Tuesday, Activities for Mangal Puja: Poorvang Karma, Puja of Lord Mangal (as per auspicious Muhurta), Ashtottara Namav

Activities Mangal Puja

1. Purvang Karma (Ganesh Pujan, MatraPujan, Abhyudaya, Punyawachan, KalashSthapana, Rakshavidhan, Navgrahp Puja).

2. Puja of Lord Mangal Dev (as per auspicious muhurta).

3. Ashtottara Namavali Path, Mangal Chalisa path.

4. 10000 (Ten Thousand) Chanting of Mangal Dev.

Mantra – Om Kram Kreem Kroum Sah Bhoumaay Namah (ॐ क्रां क्रीं क्रौं स: भौमाय नम: ).

5. Homam (Havan).

6. Lord Mangal Prayer and Aarti.

Benefits Mangal Puja

1. Performing this puja on Hanuman Jayanti will be more auspicious.

2. Anytime if you have the weak Mars in your horoscope, Mars puja will help you to strengthen your Mars.

3. It helps one to win over your opponents or enemies.

4. Issues related to debt will be reduced.

5. This puja helps to control the aggression and anger.

6. Native becomes fearless and sets a perfect goal with determination.

7. People facing issues related to low confidence, courage and authority should perform this puja to gain this all with strong leadership and warrior approach.

8. Conflict related to property gets reduced or helps one to gain property/land in life.

9. Problem with younger brother or health of siblings will get improved if suffering from any health ailments.

10. Helps one to remove the mangalik dosha and get an early marriage.

11. Unnecessary arguments, impulsiveness and inconsistency will be controlled.

12. It helps to subside the health issues related to the blood.

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