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Top & Best Gemologists in India, Famous Gemologists in India, Gemology Services in India, Gemstone Advisor in India, Astrologer and Gem Consultant in India. Gemology is an indispartable part of Astrology. Gemology or the scientific and ethnic study of gemstones is an important part of applied Astrology and its remedial part. Use of gems and stones has been an integral practice in India. Some people believe that gems and stones have been used since seven or eight thousand year ago.

Precious gems and stones were used by our kings on their precious .... jewellery and weapons also.

Apart from all that, lord Vishnu bears Koustubha Mani on his chest. Lord Shiva wears Rudramani (Rudraksh), Chintamani is liked by Lord Brahma and Syamantakmani by Lord Indra. This gem is dearest to him.

Many Scientists has showed their light on science of gemology. Their study shows that the vibrations and rays emitted by the gems balance the negativities in our aura. These gemstones should be selected carefully after having your horoscope study done by a great scholar. A gems should always be worn in right metal and right weight so that they can work and emit their vibrations properly. Consultancy Fees for Wearing the Lucky Gems

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