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Medical Astrology Consultation in India, Vedic Medical Astrology in India, Famous Medical Astrologer in India, Planets & Diseases Astrologer Services in India. There is no question that the modern world has turned away from nature, focusing on the material. The weaving of the fabric, rather than the fabric itself has become more important. The most drastic example of this shift can be seen in medicine. As the materialistic viewpoint has spread, so has the incidence of allergies and other ailments commonly classified as diseases of civilization. This needn't be so. Thanks to the world famous astrologer Anil Vats ji, one of the foremost experts and scholars of jyotish and western astrology, as well as related disciplines, you can now use the ancient science of medical astrology to help prevent and defeat disease. Manoj Mishra 's extensive experience as an astrologer allows him to look beyond the obvious and investigate deeper.

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Dating back millennia, medical astrology is the study of the relationship between man and the celestial bodies. Of course, while the study of the stars is open to everyone, you require a qualified medical astrologer to correctly interpret the raw data gathered from the observation of the sky. As a specialist, astrologer Anil Vats ji will require you to provide precise information about your birth and the moment the disease manifested itself. This will allow him to prepare the natal and horary sky charts, which are the starting point for any research into medical astrology. The former define your innate characteristics and traits, such as the balance of the elements that make up the universe in your body. The latter are specifically made to identify the imbalances in your body that are the root cause of malady.

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